Principal’s Message

Being the Principal of Parsee Rustomjee Primary School gives me immense joy because it is a school where all stakeholders come together as a large family, to best serve the interests of our learners. We regard our learners as our most precious treasures, whom we are entrusted to nurture and develop, into future leaders and captains of our nation. We are a multicultural school that strives to strengthen the ideals of a rainbow nation that is united in its diversity to extol the virtues of a truly South African identity.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Parsee Rustomjee website from which you can glean information about our school and look at the variety of opportunities offered to our learners and their families. Our committed staff members will utilise the website to post curriculum related content and to highlight the corporate activities of the school.

Parsee Rustomjee Primary School has always been and will continue to be an institution where the holistic development of our learners is prioritised. I say this from a platform of strength as my association with this school dates back to 1965, when I was enrolled at this school as a learner in Class 1. My stay as a learner at this school concluded in 1972 when I completed what was then called Standard 6.

My association with the school has truly been a lifelong one, as over the years I returned as a student teacher, SGB chairperson and Principal. Three generations of my family have passed through the school as my children were learners at the school and my grandchild is currently enrolled as a grade 1 learner at the school. My commitment to the school and belief in the school has thus steadfastly endured the test of time.

I firmly believe that the education of a child is a life long journey that begins in the womb. We are fortunate enough to be entrusted with the most crucial phase of a child’s education, as we lay the foundation for future educational excellence.

The Staff and SGB of the school selflessly assume responsibility for the welfare of every learner that passes through the hallowed grounds of our school.  We strive to positively inculcate ways of making our learners believe in themselves.

I invite you to join the Parsee Rustomjee School Family.

The joy of learning starts here, you are welcome to make an appointment to see what our school has to offer your child.

Mr. RS. Lalla