school fees structure

The school fees for the 2020 academic year is R2100.

The school fee has remained constant for the last 2 years. The SGB, being cognisant of the tough economic conditions that parents face took a conscious decision not to increase the fees for the 2020 academic year.

The Covid 19 pandemic has unfortunately resulted in further financial difficulties for parents. The national lockdowns have caused major disruptions to the academic year resulting in the vast majority of our learners not attending school. In addition, parents have not been paying their school fees.

In an effort to assist parents and at the same time to collect fees, the SGB reduced the 2020 school fees from R2100 to R1100.  This was done in recognition of the financial crisis caused by the pandemic and also the fact that the full academic program was not being delivered.

In addition to a reduction in school fees, all parents are offered an amnesty. Upon payment of the R1100 fee by 30 September 2020, all historical debt owed to the school, will be written off. This is the second occasion that an amnesty is being offered to parents, as an amnesty was also offered in 2019. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the amnesty offered. 

We wish to emphasize that Parsee Rustomjee Primary School is classified as a quintile 5 school by the Department of Education. Thus our school is a fee paying school. Parents who enroll their children at our school must therefore accept that they are liable for the payment of their child’s school fees.

Parents of Grade R learners must please note that Grade R is not funded by the Department of Education. Thus learners in Grade R are not offered any concessions and payment of the full school fee is mandatory.

Concessions are offered to learners in Grades 1-7. Concession application may be made to the school during the first term. A payment plan for the monthly payment of fees is released each year when the school fees are determined at a school budget meeting. We appeal to all parents to recognize that the school is dependent upon the collection of fees to function. The school has monthly costs that must be paid. We therefore respectfully ask all parents to honor their responsibility and to pay their school fees timeously.