Deputy Principal’s Message

A quality education is a gilt-edged investment that every parent strives to afford their child. Education is a panacea for the ubiquitous social and economic challenges that face our youth. Therefore, a fully functional school becomes the oil that lubricates the transition from youth to adulthood, thus paving the way for responsible and productive citizenry.

As a primary school we provide our learners with a strong foundation upon which their future success is built. We therefore strive to nurture and to develop our learners into literate, numerate and confident individuals who will be able to realise their full potential. This process begins in Grade R and continues over 8 years until our learners leave us at the end of grade 7.

The development of our learners is supported by a dedicated band of educators who selflessly work towards the holistic development of our learners through ensuring the academic, sporting, cultural and social development of all our learners.

The educational landscape is dynamic and change is inevitable. The digital age that we currently live in, demands a different set of skills from learners and educators nowadays, as opposed to 20 years ago.  In a world that is characterized by mediocrity, our passion for and commitment to improving the lives of our learners has necessitated the establishment of the school website as part of our efforts to raise the bar of educational delivery.

Given the Covid 19 pandemic and the resultant challenges, the launch of the school website will help bridge the gap between our parent community and the school as it will facilitate communication between the school and parents and will assist parents to home school learners who are currently not attending school.

We respectfully ask all role players associated with the school to support us in our efforts to incorporate technology into our traditional delivery of education.

We assure you of our commitment to provide your child with a quality education.

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality”   – Abraham Lincoln



Mr. S. Panday